A Six Pack Attack! Suddenly, the flock appears in the sky calling for their friend. The Ribbon Cup Caper! May thinks it’s cute and Brock notices its wing is injured. King and Queen for a Day. May tells Swablu to get out of the balloon, but Swablu is too afraid to do that since the fire reminded it of the trauma caused by the forest fire which caused its injury and abandonment.

Ruby and Sapphire Episode 2. A Six Pack Attack! Team Rocket then gets excited about the promotions they will get. All Season 7 Episodes. Suddenly, some mysterious projectiles shoot down the van’s tire, stopping the van. Suddenly, the Nuzleaf and its trainer come out of the bushes.

Once More with Reeling.

Welcome to Playpilot All your streaming services in one place. May then decides to use her womanly charm to win it over. You shall not post this on anywhere for public use You shall not sell this for public use Do not replicate and forward without permission Do not claim this as yours Do Not Translate it into your languange and claim ownership The episode begins above a large forest where a terrible storm is brewing.

But, Ash encourages her by saying that they will take whatever time they need to help Swablu. Click Continue to visit PokemonCenter.

Pikachu 25 Type Electric Abilities Static. Strategy Tomorrow – Comedy Tonight! Eventually its wing heals, but it still can’t fly. They are afraid that Swablu forgot how to and decides to help it fly again. New Plot – Odd Lot. The gang’s next plan is to put sewable on top of Beautifly and remind it of how great it is to be up in the sky. A Tail With a Twist. The group all loves this idea and they begin to cheer.


Before Cacnea goes to sleep, it lets off a pin missile, striking everyone’s rears and waking them back up. Ash tries to get it to come over, but it’s too scared. Their shouts alert a park ranger, who brings everyone to a rest station. The Spheal of Approval. Brock then freaks out when he sees Swablu wrapped up like a mummy.

True Blue Swablu

Swablu decides to give it a try and succeeds in taking off. Deadly Class Drama, Crime, Action.

All Season 7 Episodes. The scared Pokemon immediately fly the coop but a lone Swablu lags behind.

True Blue Swablu

Episoee cowers in a corner as James tells Cacnea to cut it out. May tells Ash that he should be more gentle than that and approaches Swablu, getting Ash out of the way.

They all release their Pokemon and Brock asks Lombre to find some water for the stew. Battling the enemy within. Take the Lombre Home. True Blue Swablu May feels a special duty to help a wounded Swablu return to its flock.

It then retreats back into the bushes where Team Rockets swabu takes off. Ruby and Sapphire Episode 2. Claydol Big And Tall.

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The Scuffle of Legends. He says that they will take a lunch break, which just depresses them even more. It skids to a stop missing a wheel and Morita goes to investigate. Navigation Back – Forward – Top. It then begins to beat its wings and in a matter of moments, it’s flying up towards Taillow!


She apparently gets upset and tells Ash, Brock, and Max that she became good friends while they were sleeping their heads off. The ranger locates the Swablu’s flock at a lake and drives the kids there, but they are stopped by Team Rocket.

Morita then exits the cabin and explains that he has located the Altaria flock.

Ash asks her if she is okay and she says that she is and she only wants Swablu to get better. Eventually its wing heals, but it still can’t fly. Max slowly shakes her to see if she wants to join them. Treecko Type Grass Abilities Overgrow. All Things Bright and Beautifly. After Brock bandages up the wound on Swablu’s wing, he feeds it a spoonful of medicine.

Crazy as a Lunatone.