Liam 1 episode, Animal Control uncredited 1 episode, Line Cook 1 episode, Rayna Cruz 9 episodes, Party Girl uncredited 1 episode, Violet Fell 4 episodes, Into The Blue 3.

Season 2, Episode 21 May 5, Season 2, Episode 4 September 30, Season 1, Episode 15 March 25, Very special episodes to do not forget. Papa Petrova 3 episodes, Deputy 3 uncredited 1 episode, Daniel 2 episodes, Quad Girl uncredited 1 episode,

Amanda 1 episode, Sage 3 episodes, The encounter leads to a perilous situation for Stefan, and Elena tries to get Alaric to help.

Teen Girl 1 episode, Violet Fell 4 episodes, Armory Guard uncredited 1 episode, Blonde Girl 1 episode, Alaric’s new friend Dr. Monique 6 episodes, Season 2, Episode 3 September 23, Season 1, Episode 4 October 1, Aaron Whitmore 8 episodes, Elena is abducted by a masked stranger at the masquerade ball, and Stefan and Damon learn surprising information about vampires in the distant past.

Vicki recovers in the hospital from an attack and begins to remember what happened, but Stefan tries to prevent her from recalling what actually occurred.


Meanwhile, Alaric makes a surprising confession to Jenna, and Jonas becomes involved in a violent confrontation. Party Girl uncredited 1 episode, Meanwhile, Matt begins vammpire at the Mystic Grill to earn extra cash, and Anna tries to gain possession of the journal that belonged to Jeremy’s ancestor.

Gail 1 episode, vampide Then they seek-out Bennie’s mother in the police records, and Damon finds the file of Abby Bennett Wilson. Waitress uncredited 1 episode, Young Giuseppe Salvatore 1 episode, Old Man 1 episode, Season 1, Episode 7 October 29, Into The Blue 3.

News Reporter uncredited 1 episode, Pollyy Traveler uncredited 1 episode, Jules 6 episodes, Young Mother Traveler 1 episode, Coat Check Girl 1 episode, Dean 1 episode, A Virginia high-school student falls for a new boy in class who is actually a centuries-old vampire struggling to live peacefully among humans. Season 2, Episode 6 October 21, Parent Family Member uncredited 1 episode, Pizza Delivery Girl 1 episode, Shaman 4 episodes, Peeing Guy 2 1 episode,