This is the second island to be released in multiple “episodes”. Now you have to find a way to get inside! Then return right and ascend a bit. Click the numbers in order from smallest to largest according to the following picture and the written one below. Go left through the door and press the green switch to get a charged disk. Survival Island Succeeded by:

To be honest…Cam has proof…he has some footage of glyphs and the costume. The fish will get trapped in a force shield. Lead one up to each of the panels positioned around the room still watching out for the eel, which freezes you in place to open walls around the area. Anyway, go to the topmost deck of the boat and talk to the man there. Approach from the right side, break through the cylinder, and collect what will be your fourth miniature red fish. Zeus Hades Poseidon Athena Hercules. This time, you want to “go right” and explore the passage to the right side of the chamber.

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Lead it to one of the 6 outlets and then let it find its way to them. I hope it helps you get through the Out of the Blue Mission!

Before you exit the area, go below the tank and miseion a picture of the markings on the wall. Turn each ring of the puzzle piece until you see the smooth pattern: But then they got eaten by the goblin shark. Now go to the bottom left of the area and go down, back to the main area.

Mission Atlantis Island Cheats – Episode 3 – Out of the Blue

Smash each one and take the fishes out from each. Go left through the door and press the green switch to get a charged disk. Head through that opening and then drift left, past more of the holes where the eel can sometimes appear. USE the bucket of ink, and the man will be blinded.


I am stuck on the bit where you press the buttons on the seat I think during the last bit of Episode 2. It’s a simple matter now that you have all six pieces. Go right, staying on the top side of the fork to avoid the electric eel.

Mission Atlantis Poptropica Cheats – Poptrickia

Turn each ring of the circle until it matches each other. This will give you another green circle object. Push the disk hard into the hole to the right.

Start up through that area and you will notice there is something to the right. Then go up and left. Then hop up some rock ledges that are positioned at the base of the shaft and along its sides, which takes you to a platform where a pilot appears to be resting in front of a glowing console. And I mean ealkthrough the way to the right until you reach the area just after the room with multiple weird cages: Notify me of new posts via email.

You need to spook the purple cuttlefish so that it swims into the red coral.

The same passage has another cylinder blocking its right side. You can find a bunch of the jellyfish just to the lower left as you enter. If you can’t escape, then explore! If you try to position yourself there, you’ll find you can’t yet use the groove for anything, but keep its atlqntis in mind. There is a bucket resting. Go to the right. Was this guide helpful? It’ll open a door below the eel. Now go in there and press the green button.


The shark will try to follow you in but get stuck in the force field! But how do you get in? Break through the pink bars to find another puzzle piece and also a red fish will start following you. Go down as fast as you can, in any direction staying to the right works walkthrougu. Mission Atlantis Island You’re shooting a high-budget underwater movie, when some strange creatures attack your vessel.

Head up and to the left to find glyph 5 on the wall. Drop down the way you came and enter your submarine.

Go left; you’ll loop around back to the green switch. Use the picture below if you need help on the arrangement of all the cuttle fish in order to snap footage of the purple Cuttle Fish.

While collecting the fish, remember not to bump into the purple urchins that will scare away them away. Go up and around the large sphere, then go right to the switch.