They have also developed other proposals as Hangueando-Periodico con patas — , Mobile Workshops , or Cabinet of Curiosity — among others, willing to stake the capacity for understanding and agreement on the construction of the artistic field and the collective exercise of sharing experiences that enhance public arena. Deliberately avoiding exoticism, didacticism, and an anthropological-artistic bias, the detailed images and close shots seek sensations to share and reveal ways of life and knowledge. Challenging the purity ascribed to frevo by governments that promote it as a primitive popular expression, the work puts a strain on categories such as folklore, popular culture, and mass culture, besides addressing issues of race, class, and gender. Participants constructors of the working process anti-jack of dreams: Jorge Menna Barreto is an artist and researcher. Deterritorializing the Palestinian Parliament. Women, Reproduction and the Construction of Common https:

In the form of an artistic tool, it takes place over two days and includes discussions intended to be moments for sharing, performances and workshops, on different scales and in different formats. The very particular relationship between these elements is the context in which artists-in-residence make and develop their projects. As recent history shows no end to the fraudulent scams in the real estate market. They will also talk about the vicissitudes of the process that involves the insertion of the country in the dynamics inherent in major international exhibitions at a time when market forces coexist with the decline or the mere absence of cultural policies. Their struggles are not intended to take it or reform it, but to abolish the state. Built amid one of the largest copper and cobalt deposits in the world, its mountains belong today to an international mining consortium whose activities displace the Sanga people from their homes and traditions. How to create therapeutic treatments to remedy the toxic mud, the carbon imaginary, the floods and droughts of climate and thought?

Setting up projects with artists involves an often lengthy time of research, an absolute must to create strong connections between the artistic projects, the region and people. Does ideology always come before our talking? Para a fala desta quarta aconselhamso a leitura de: Bien que le quotidien y devienne invivable.


The struggle against oppression is the backdrop. Wednesday the 24th of june at Participants constructors of the working process anti-jack of dreams: In the form of an artistic tool, it takes place over two days and includes discussions intended to be moments for sharing, performances and workshops, on different scales and in different formats.

Our guests include specialists in the fields of activist movements Brian Holmesavant-garde movements Marc Partouchedigital cultures Marie Programacoa, Nathalie Magnanand also the links between theatre and political modernity Diane Scott. Bik Van der Pol work collectively since He has recently published three books with Motto in Berlin.

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Oil rig drill bits, sculpted in plastic, emerge from a purple wall toward the audience, as if it were the extracted fuel. Her interests are in artistic and curatorial collaborations as proggamacao as developing the language that surrounds art productions of today, linguistically, spatially and structurally.

The work questions protramacao functionality we daily ascribe to the objects surrounding us. The course proposes to potentialiase the oniric universe of the participants, remix them, take them out of authorship, and bring them back to the field of experience, with the aim of creating a collective process of production of fictions and imaginaries.

The artist weaves a carpet with an ancient technique, using copper threads rather than straw. Major construction began in the late s, and soon Barra da Tijuca turned into an urban El Dorado for real estate developers. How proogramacao we live feminism? I find apples to sell in every supermarket and grocery store in Brazil. In soccer, the expression means a goal that decides a tied match in extra time.

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On Dee 15,starting at The footage gains color once the penance of the outward journey is over and the faithful prepare to return home.

The Adolescent Girl, Margaret Mead.

In four acts, dancers combine steps of frevo, a traditional Carnival dance of Pernambuco Baha, with others typical of contemporary rhythms like funk, swingueira, electro, and vogue. Unleashing the Collective Phantoms: Quinta-feira dia 3 de setembro as Projects from various parts of the world are invited to propose and test out other realities of life and world views, from small artistic attempts to social experimentation.


The production process, especially the moment of the shoot, are ways to look into a question, to elaborate issues and to learn about things and people whose knowledge I do not and cannot have.

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In Exception, Expulsion, Extraction: It is made possible with financial support of the Mondriaan Foundation and the Federal State of Berlin. In this site-specific installation, ballet barres typically found in dance sakvador become autonomous and circulate throughout the space rehearsing classical ballet steps.

Quarta-feira dia 6 bshia abril as I find apples for sale all over the world. A tentacled installation comprising mechanical and static sculptures, photographs, and drawings. UFRJ, Expulsion investigates the process of forced displacement of indigenous and ve communities in Cordillera del Condor, located in the south of Ecuador, through the presentation of a series of cartographic, documentary, photographic and archaeological evidences.

Wednesday, 28 de September, Wendelien van Oldenborgh develops works, whereby the cinematic format is used as a methodology for production and as the basic language for various forms of presentation.

From a diversified bahiia on the drawing board to a fortress of gated communities in reality, Barra da Tijuca symbolizes the takeover of private profits over public interests. And what is the critique of ideology? The urgency of metareciclagem the field of fiction. Coincidentally, pearls and oil occupy opposite poles of the same color spectrum.