Find all posts by Drama Queen of Whump. Michigan, but I wish in Psych World Posts: Who’s got a Woody really needs some love! But the very fact that they don’t take themselves seriously enough to follow traditional television storytelling, but do take themselves seriously enough to put effort into fixing their flaws, is why Psych is such an amazing show and why I love it so. Gus flirting while facing down the guns! In the beginning scene of Cloudy with a Chance of Improvement, they put baby Shawn in plaid. Send a private message to redwolffclaw. I thought it was nice that they changed the ending to make it less predictable.

It’s just not being put on television right now,” creator and executive producer Steve Franks told TVGuide. Because I’m already fuzzy on the episode details. Me, mostly me, even though Gus is always going to be part of the deal,” he asks. And I REALLY loved how it started out with the sorta retelling though that kinda fell apart midway through – not that it really bugged me – but I WAS wonder who, exactly, they were telling this whole story to in the first place Last edited by MagicAmethyst80; at Oh, and expecting Shawn and Gus to break out into the typical whisper argument and instead hear them use that African clicking language? Considering I’ve been on a massive AU-writing kick as of late, that’s just even more awesome. Send a private message to PeterPanic.

How Did It End? Shawn’s video message to Lassiter is also revealing in that Shawn tries to come clean about his psychic abilities.


During the hammock scene, spoiler wasn’t rushing to answer the phone. Last edited by Drama Queen of Whump; at With a Chance of Improvement: CWaC was really cool!

Because I’m already fuzzy on the episode details. It is its own brand psydh old-fashioned EPIC. Other things that were cool: The moments between her and Woody were great! Send a private message to Singingpurplerose. I probably missed the other cameos: A Million Little Things Review: Okay, I don’t know why I haven’t said anything about, well, anythingbecause ever since the musical, I’ve fallen back in love with Psych.

He’s like the center of a tootsie pop. I loved the random Willy Wonka references.

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Even though it was still cliche, I did think the choice of culprit was better than the original. I need to watch it more carefully for the references when I am not distracted by multitasking. Me, mostly me, even though Gus is always going to be part of the deal,” he asks.

Woody’s mustache, Gus’s attempt to sound cool with the multiple women comment. The remake idea was cool. He feels like he’s finally come all the way as a full fledged detective! Shawn, Gus and Juliet drop into a car to speed after the culprit as the show seaso to black. All times are GMT And all the Harry Potter references were golden!

Obviously, the video goodbye does not do Gus and Shawn’s friendship justice, and Gus ends up abruptly leaving his job, then trying to go back, then really leaving and arriving in San Francisco just in time to interrupt Shawn declaring his intention to start his life with Juliet immediately.


These guys are still going out and having these adventures somewhere else.

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But especially Shawn’s interpretations for all the “British-isms” as well as his COMPLETE reinterpretations of what actually took place And, guuuh, the part where Despereaux was desperately trying to get Shawn to freaking pay attention and learn his character!

Multiple nice Shules parts. La La Land 6. I just can’t quite engage all the way when I really need to, when it really matters, when the chips are down,” Shawn tells Gus in an emotional message he leaves for Gus only after he’s already left town.

An Evening With Mr. I barely know her.

Considering I’ve been on a massive AU-writing kick as of late, that’s sesson even more awesome. Who Ya Gonna Call? I think it was a pretty cool episode, mostly for the fact that you get to see a seriously creeped out Juliet.