Later, Ashok gets irked when he returns home and tells his wife, Poonam about his meeting with Jassi. One of the women taunts Jassi saying that her importance will go down once Nimmi comes home after marrying Viren. Later, Jassi meets the family and is impressed to see the girl. Moreover, he tells Jassi that he has decided to talk to Naren. Viren reluctantly buys the pregnancy test kit. Watch , full brama Aseerzadi episode 13, hum tv Aseerzadi google 2, hum tv drama Aseerzadi 2 November , hum tv drama Aseerzadi2 November episode, Pakistani Drama Aseerzadi- Episode 13 – 2th November – Promos, you tube Aseerzadi episode A dejected Jassi feels miserable and holds Naren responsible for her state. Rishtay Kuch Adhoray Se.

Everyone is impressed to see the gifts. On the other hand, Viren makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying. She shares her heart out to Beeji, who comforts her and assures her that everything will be soon all right. Jassi assures Ashok that everything will be soon all right. But during another ceremony Nimmi’s father and the cashier among many friends turn up to cancel the wedding of Viren and Nimmi. Soon, Viren arrives and is shocked to see Beeji worried. Jassi is irked and chides Viren for not informing her about his dinner plans.

Beeji then tells Naren that it is because of Nimmi, who requested her uncle for his transfer. Poonam chides Ashok and accuses him of always praising his sisters. Everyone is impressed to see the gifts.

Meanwhile, Ashok comes to see Jassi at her place. Momina language – broom2.

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Beeji finally asserts that the marriage celebrations have begun and henceforth, every day will be a celebration. Though Beeji tells her about Jassi being not well and makes an excuse, she insists to send Viren alone in that case. Beeji tries to make peace between Jassi and Viren and advices them to start preparing for the wedding day. Last edited on Later, Jassi takes lunch for Viren at his shop, and both decide to eat together.


Later, Jassi casually asks Channi about her mad of dreams. Click here to login. On the other hand, Viren surprises Beeji by saying that he is looking forward to get married. Poonam loses her cool and confronts Jassi. Jassi is very upset with Poonam. Nimmi then tells Viren that her father is interested in meeting him.

An apprehensive Jassi tells Viren that by marrying Channi he can save their relationship. On the other hand, Beeji urges Viren to give a special gift to Jassi, as she deserves it for all the efforts she has been putting in his wedding preparations.

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On the other hand, Viren makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying. Later, Jassi notices that Viren is still looking worried. Viren and Jassi meet to discuss on the cashier from the abortion clinic, Jassi consoles Viren saying that he might not have recognized Viren. When Viren comes to know of this, he is irked. Started by tinnidutt, Aadhe Adhoore Season 1. Jassi is a young, happy-go-lucky girl married to Narendra, fondly called as Naren, who is working abroad to earn his livelihood.

However, Viren makes it clear that he does not wish to get married.


Nimmi tells her mother that she woke up early as Viren also gets up early in the morning. However, when Viren comes to know of this, he is irked and makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying.

Will she succeed in her endeavour? All the women put mehendi on their hands and prepares for shagun. However, Jassi makes up a story and saves her day. Ali Rehman Khan – Revolvy. Jassi asks Nimmi to join Viren for lunch and she leaves. However, Naren makes up a story. A furious Nimmi does not say anything to Jassi at this, but later decides to teach her a lesson.

Jassi is shocked when she comes to know of this.

Soon, Nimmi arrives and sees Jassi feeding Viren. Later, Beeji displays all aaxhay gifts that they will be giving to Nimmi. Jassi shares a good relation with her family, and she is like a friend to Viren. He asks Jassi to convince Viren and fix this alliance, as it will also open new avenues aadhag him in his job. She comforts Viren and tells him that nothing has changed and everything is fine.

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Viren is shocked when he realizes his mistake. Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se’s wiki:. Channi makes it clear that she wants her life-partner to be of caring and loving nature.