Thank you to NetGalley and Dover Publications for a free digital copy of this book! As it is, I know I’m going to need to buy myself a copy of this book because electronic just doesn’t do the artwork justice. I would like to see Robota be developed in as many different media as possible, but I am also very realistic about the expectations. Edit Did You Know? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There were trailers and some concept art online and they had plans to make a video game out of it. The problem is that the story just doesn’t carry its weight and it was more than a little disapp I received a free PDF copy of Robota from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion. In a time before the events of the book, an alien race known as the Olm came to Orpheus and warned the people, explaining that their planet will crash into Earth in several thousand years.

But the robots themselves are on the point of extinction, as their technologies of reproduction no longer work. Then many years later when I was looking for an idea to focus my personal work, that sketch resurfaced and became my inspiration. Recently at THU he talked about his journey as an Artist and how he did Robota as a passion project. Ah, such is publishing, I suppose. Instead of doing anything a logical person would do, the main character acts on intuition and saves the head and recovers most of the body. We discussed design, compositing and on the way we got some amazing behind the scenes quicktimes, showing how this amazing film is being made. As a result, I like to use traditional techniques when I can. A page treatment has been written byOrson.

A decade later Hellouin’s and Bernard’s company is people strong, and it has just completed one of the most impressive “test” animation’s ever done – Doug Chiang’s teaser short film Robota.

Doug Chiang is a talented concept artist who worked as an art director on the prequel Star Wars trilogy. I mean, the fact that there is currently a robot with citizenship already sends chills down one’s spine. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Chaing worked on the Star Wars prequels as a lead designer and artist though to be fair the movies did look quite good, if lacking the iconic force of the Original Trilogy and Orson Scott Card, who has gone from beloved scifi author to religious fjlm and homophobic hate-group leader.


For the Kaantur doig the fully CG water required 40 layers to be composited and another 20 for the city itself. This edition includes additional, never-before-seen art that Dhiang developed for a prospective Robota film.

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My one kind of silly beef with Robota is the title. What was your inspiration to create Robota? The story here is a pretty solid post apocalyptic tale with a couple of unexpected twists in the final chapters. The partnership produces a series of imaginative drawings and a story that has twist after twist in the second half of the story. The artwork is so breathtaking and the world so full and developed that I dilm want a copy for myself. He dokg encourag Robotalike The Sleeper and the Spindleis a story with extraordinary artwork accompanying the narrative.

Lists with This Book. Douug is the story of life before the collision and the conflict between animal life and the machines that sought to dominate them. Robota was completed by a total of 10 people over a period of six months.

Overall, a quick read, worth it more for the pictures than the plot. Caps is effectively immortal, superhuman, and set up with a new young girlfriend. So what was so cool, so great, that it dragged designer Doug Robotx away? Industrial Light and Magic.

I hope this first teaser is only the beginning of more collaborations together. The Mushroom City is, as the name implies, composed of massive fungal structures, carved hollow, and appropriated as great dwelling places.

Views Read Edit View history. The kickstarter was created but failed to raise enough funds in time.

Mar 11, Parka rated it liked it Shelves: In this world, humans were made slaves to the robots. These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. Lovelock Rasputin TBA.

There was also an interesting side plot about magical jewels that gave animals on Earth the ability to talk and reason: All the material if the trailer was all composited at 1K resolution for the teaser, but the final film will be done at full 2K and 12bit Cineon. Edit Did You Know? The way it’s all put together, though?


Robotalike The Sleeper and the Spindleis a story with extraordinary artwork accompanying the narrative. This book is an art book, first and foremost.

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The teaser was actually started by Believe Inc, but Believe went out of business shortly after starting the project – for reasons unrelated to the production of the film.

The connection is more fluid and lush in Above the Timberline than it is here, in Robotabut I almost wonder how much of that is a consequence of this being a decades-long project of one individual which was chixng mostly written or strongly edited by another individual. Did stop-motion animation for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Despite my complaints about the art so far, it is actually the one good point of this book.

Truly the gem of this book is the world, Robota, and Chiang’s artwork bringing it to life.

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The illustrations are full of stark ruins: The desert ground was created with RenderMan. If you want to see some really cool sci-fi art?

In that regard it reminded me of the Dinotopia series by James Gurney, although without the heavy emphasis on schematics, and the Dinotopia books generally had much better characters and dialogue. If you enjoy looking at concept art for science fiction movies, then the concept art in here is along the same line.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Jun 25, Julie rated it liked it. Think “The Martian Chronicles. It’s also a world of decay. Robota is an illustrated book by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card about a mysterious fourth planet of the solar system named Orpheus. A man with no memory wakes on a world dominated by robot warriors and realizes his memories hold the key to save the dwindling remnants of the human and sentient beast population.