Another woman is accessing her laptop in her room when her husband calls her; she is suddenly possessed by a force from her laptop who forces her to commit suicide by stabbing her eye with a knife. Use the HTML below. The film ends with the camera recording that Kakiuchi watches, which reveals that Sadako’s child is not Nagi. During her investigation, Fuko learns about the legend of Sadako’s daughter Unfortunately the film doesn’t really know what it wants. Despite the original Sadako being rumored to be the last in the Ringu franchise, clearly, much like with other series’, producers, writers and directors alike don’t enjoy bringing an end to something that still contains some semblance of life. Occasionally this film goes full Evil Dead with Sadako victims acting like deadites.

Seconds later, a force pushes Koiso’s wheelchair through a set of stairs to his death. The themes by Kenji Kawai offers a sense of ancientness and modernity, mystery and suspense, while the sounds of the environment, and those from the ghostly and monstrous aspirations, really accentuate the terror into life, and is of beneficial assistance during the well directed jump scares. Kakiuchi finds the security camera recording before the train accident and spots Nagi looking at the camera. Not Rated 1h 36min Horror 30 August Japan. Fuko visits Kashiwada Yusuke Yamamoto , the latter awaiting his execution for his murder of young women five years before. This page was last edited on 11 January , at I hate this franchise.

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When Takenori’s sister Fuko takes up the task of caring for Akane’s daughter, the infamous cursed video resurfaces. Audible Download Audio Books. Five years have passed since the events of Sadako 3D.

As their curse spreads on all sadzko, the ghosts find their chance to live once again through the pregnancy of a cursed woman. They attempt to create a new mystery but to me none of this was well thought out.

Is there anything at all to salvage from this film? The title is a dead giveaway.

Akane does not believe the rumor at first, but when one of her female students dies after viewing the footage, she and her boyfriend Takanori are fatefully drawn into the horror that has been created by the man who appears in the suicide footage, Kashiwada. Regardless of the option to choose either the 3D or 2D version of the film, the 1.

It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Here there is no reasoning behind Sadako having the power to kill people through electronic devices, in fact to me where they have the character at this point it makes no sense at all.

Following the events of Ju-on: Moments later, she is found dead in the nearby river. Grusel und Spannung sind praktisch nicht vorhanden – zum Einschlafen. Like Diary of the Deadthis is simply a pointless update of something already timeless and perfect. This one at least returns somewhat to the funny-bad tradition of Kanzenban and Rasen instead of the boring-badness of Sadako 3D, but it’s still only marginally better than its embarrassing predecessor.


Besides this, the contradictory storyline, which could be perceived as being deliberately orchestrated to provide audiences with multiple twists and turns, is neither well developed or intellectually surprising, viewers often being led to believe one thing, then another, then another, to the point it appears even the film’s developers were uncertain of the directionality they wanted the plot to take, this continuing all the way to the film’s anti-climatic finish.

He tries to question Takanori about Nagi and Akane, but he refuses to disclose anything other than Akane’s death. Well I can honestly say they seemed to have tried harder than they did with Sadako 3D.

The Final Curse Moreover, as the feature continues, some of the scenes defy rational explanation, this, coupled with the unanswered questions at the film’s conclusion, will inevitably force audiences to, on more than one occasion, suspend their disbelief. Learn more More Like This. The kid does several s from evil kid who hates everyone to sad kid who is just a victim of the circumstances and again back to evil kid who wants everyone dead.

Silence fills the scene, before an explosion of noise shocks the viewer, the proceeding ambiance being as splendid as it is morbid, the scene concluding with an unexpected deliverance of terror during a moment that is often affiliated with beauty. Although Sadako 2 is far creepier than its predecessor, some of the film’s disturbing moments being sure to impact the audience, the storyline and imagery, that occasionally appears illogical, while adjunctively resembling certain fairy tales, may cause audiences to wonder what hallucinogenic substance Sadako has been smoking in that well of hers.

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A little later, she turns into a monster composed entirely of hair, similar to the one Bugs Bunny used to occasionally antagonise in the forties. Detective Mitsugi Kakiuchi Takeshi Onishi is assigned to investigate the case. Movies 4 days ago. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Nagi escapes and reunites with Fuko, who allows Nagi to reunite with her mother. For those of us who have seen Ringu 0 and Ringu 2, we know Sadako is a character who is equally deserving of our sympathy, as well as our fear, though, much like its predecessor, Sadako 2 paints our favorite long haired specter as an sasako only, refusing to provide new audiences with the 3dd to see Sadako in her entirety.

When her students start dying off because they searched for and found the video despite it being removed from serversshe intervenes and comes face to face with Sadako. TV 5 days ago. I wish I was kidding.


Redundant sequels like this one rarely do lasting damage to the reputation of the original film. Fuko visits Kashiwada Yusuke Yamamotothe latter awaiting his execution for his murder of young women five years before. Sadako is rendered about as frightening as Shirley Temple, now that her main weapon is… her long hair.

This is a major problem; the script is devoid of subtlety to the point of being infantile. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

[BD Review]: ‘Sadako 3D’ Fails in Resurrecting ‘Ringu’ or Anything Scary

She is tasked to take care of her 4-year-old niece. Fans of the original will be infuriated, while everyone else will wonder what all the fuss was about. Although characters occasionally talk about her, the screen time that Sadako is provided could be measured in seconds, rather than minutes, the primary focus of the feature being the child that she is believed to have brought into our world.

Not Rated 1h 36min Horror 30 August Japan. Search for ” Sadako 3D 2 ” on Amazon. Was this review helpful to you? There are a lot of unintentional laugh out loud moments, often when the film is aiming to be creepy and a train full of overacting men in suits sprouting long computer-generated black hair while convulsing on the spot really took the biscuit. Kiyoshi Kashiwada Yusuke Yamamoto is an airbrush artist who posts some of his art on his blog.

She consults with her psychiatrist, Dr. I can handle the truth. The Ringu series ended a long time ago, yet we now have Sadako 3D. Koiso that tells him that the responsible for the deaths is Sadako and Akane Ayukawa, who was possessed by Sadako. Nowhere is this worse than with the bumbling cops, who seem to function as a duo of hapless exposition robots, or to fill up screentime when the editor has run out of slow motion footage of synopsiss hair more of this later.

Another woman is accessing her laptop in her room when her husband calls her; she is suddenly possessed by a force from her laptop who forces her to commit suicide by stabbing her eye with a zadako. She now drags her prey into synopsix screen, using her hair as extending, super-strong tentacles, like some kind of nightdress-wearing Doctor Octopus.