Saras says Kumud, take rest now, we will talk in the morning. Vidyachatur says enough, stop it. She asks did you bring her. He eventually falls in love with Kumud and a short-lived romance follows. He says I lied to everyone so that Dada ji does not worry. Why will he do this. Kusum is shocked and says why will I write the letter. She goes to him and says Danny and I have found out everywhere, we will go even today.

He says its Saras. With the help of Kumud, she regains her memories and mental health, and reunites with her family. Kusum initially angry at Danny slowly starts liking him and regrets her mistake for having feelings for Saras. Saras says no questions, sit. Badimaa says fine, go and come. Kumud’s family is not happy with Kusum’s decision but Kumud convinces her family to agree upon. Saras comes to the police station to file a report on Kumud going missing.


Everyone are discussing about Kumud and Kusum. Kalika says someone saw Kumud near the mandir, I met a lady and she told me this, so I thought to tell you, come lets go, maybe we will get her there.

Heartbroken Kumud decided to sacrifice her love for her sister for the betterment of both her sister and Saras. Kusum is worried about her state and says Danny how can we go by foot so far, my foot is aching. Kalika says fine, you have only three four days, once Kumud comes back, Saras will not let you come near him. The DCP says we will get Kumud if she is janusry our village, else it will take some time.


Danny sees someone like Kumud and shouts Kumud ji…. A password will be e-mailed saraswatichanrra you. He says if anything happens to Kumud, then I will be nothing to anyone.

Kalika says I was coming to give you, she hands over the phone to him.

Saras comes and Kusum smiles seeing him. She asks did you bring her. Danny says yes, she was saying in the morning, that she wanted to do puja for Kumud. Kalika says we will find peace if we see her.

You saved her life risking your life. Saras says Kumud, take rest now, we will talk in the morning. Saras says I will find Kumud whatever happens. Kusum tries to talk to Danny. He says you wrote the fake letter, I have seen her hand writing. Kumud also succeeds in finding Saras’ long-lost mother who never died, but lost her memory and was imprissoned in a mental assylum.

He tells Danny he is sure Kumud is there. She says I have made Kusum stand at this phase of life. He gets a message on phone and sees Good morning.

Saras, Danny and Kusum come home. The show was initially based on Govardhanram Tripathi ‘s novel of the same name. Danny also comes and says did you not go to mandir. She says Saras, police will take me, save me please.

Danny and Kusum reach janjary Saras files the report. Kalika says I was looking out for you. Badimaa says yes, DCP have told us this. Kusum tells everyone that the power went and Kumud made the fuse right. Saras says fine and ends the call.


Kalika says so you are back, did you go to meet Danny or…….??? He gets shocked and wakes up seeing her. She says everything is forgiven for Kumud, Kusum and Saras, not us. Kusum says did you not go. Saras says Kusum and Danny went together to find Kumud. Qubool Hai – Asad to know of Zoya’s kidnapping And She looks at Saras and Dada ji talking happily on phone.

Dada ji asks him to go home and rest, and maybe Danny will be late today. Saras sees them and asks what are you doing here.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. Badimaa says reads the letter stating Kumud is going to mandir and will call later. Kusum says no one should know Kumud went because of me.

The DCP says there is no sritten lodged about Kumud. Kusum throws the kerosene all over the room. Kumud cries and tries to save Kusum. Badimaa is working in the kitchen and feels weak. Saras is sleeping happily thinking about Kumud. Dada ji and everyone are talking about Kumud worrying where she might be and why she did this.