Dear fellow traveler welcome to desi Traveler, I am excited to have you here, please share your thoughts and I will be very happy to reply. And just as we landed at the bank, I could see one cheerful man all smiles at our arrival. By now the Gypsy was ready and we finally took off. The jungle falls in the hill station of Pachmarhi, which is a five-hour drive southeast of Bhopal. The Central Indian breed of Wild Buffalo characterized by its robust built and huge sweeping horns is considered the purest breed of Asian Wild Buffalo in the whole world and is different from the breed in North-eastern India which is considered slightly less pure and today its status is unknown. Sanctuary Blog home tags Search. I watch a sambar in the distance coolly going about its day.

The Tapi also known as Tapti follows a shorter, parallel course, between 80 and kilometres 50 and miles south of the Narmada, flowing through the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat to drain into the Gulf of Khambhat. Ashraf 3 stories 11 posts. And as soon as he said this, both officers broke into a loud laughter. Situated just behind the Forest Resthouse, one can see hundreds of Cheetals and huge herds of Gaur. The national parks, hill stations, reserves and towns in the Satpura range attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Huge, and I literally mean huge probably the biggest teak trees I have ever seen that gave the forest a prehistoric-Jurassic era look; even the bright sunlight could only penetrate the forests in small patches. What a nice blog on equally interesting forest , Satpuda T.

Thick of Things: Camping in the Heart of Satpura Tiger Reserve

I am waiting for another blog. He had a breathing tube down her mouth so there was little he could say. Also popularly known as the sunset point. Raza Kazmi on Sep 23, Satpura Horst and Narmada—Tapi Grabens. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: These are some rare perceptions on which modern science probably have saatpura done much research. It was almost 6 hours run. After an hour just sitting at that unique place, I went back to the Saptura for lunch.


We then moved forward and proceeded towards Dhaain Resthouse. But we shall celebrate what we managed to save, so now on to the ones we all want to see, i.

A brief look as our Gypsy arrived and then the whole family scurried off into the bushes. The author, good-ghosts, has the following expectation about your feedback: We thanked all the staff at the Sohagpur Resthouse viz.

The fauna of STR is absolutely stunning; all the wildlife of Central India can be found here in large numbers. Looks satpurra complete professional work.

I thanked everybody especially Dungriyal Sir and then after a delicious dinner we headed back to our rooms. What makes the Gaurs of Satpura even more special is the fact horrof this area produces a lot of Albino Gaurs which have a very light coat some pure white i. I can vouch for this–you can feel a huge rush just imagining such scenarios—a rush which only a Tiger-forest can provide you with.

I had gone on the roof to try and click some star trails but now I was totally intrigued satpuar this moving light saptura even on this cool March evening a bead of sweat appeared on my forehead.

Amazingly they came across this small shy creature just about a kilometer away from the Madai entry point in the Madai grasslands. Have you seen a monkey when some predator is around, jumping, clinging, screaming, worried From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. May 3, at 7: About 30 minutes into the walk, Chinmay, our tireless naturalist, points to a large mound.


The Satpura Experience

Pathak also informed us that he came across a Huge Male Tiger on the previous night at around 2: Pachmarhi — The Queen of Satpuras. On the watpura of compositionthree major forest types are Teak, Sal and mixed forests.

I whispered to Sir about what I had just been thinking about how great it would be if a Tiger jumped on t the road, he was awestruck too, afterall inspite of seeing so many Tigers, this was his first at Satpura, he had also waited more than an year for this moment. Even though he has managed some of the richest reserves having a plethoric conglomeration of vivid mega-fauna, like a true naturalist he jugle the eye for even the smallest of them all–the ones a casual visitor so easily overlooks—various bugs, dragonflies and damselflies; he possesses remarkable knowledge about them.

May 11, at 1: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And junglw followed was 45 minutes of pure delight, excitement, huge saypura rush–an ethereal feeling, it was heavenly!!

Kanha, Panna, Pench and Bandhavgarh. Next Morning I somehow failed to get up early and by the time I got up it was around 6: Please tell us more about the reasons for satpura Forest haunted and why you have referred it as such?

NarmadaMahanadi and Tapti.