They soon realize that though they are breathing in the miasma, it is not harming them because the Shikon Jewel wants to capture their souls first. Sesshomaru resumes his attack. Shit I do too. Although Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku each try to attack him, the severely wounded Naraku manages to flee. Yes, Sesshoumaru was protecting Kagura’s honor and her right to a pursuit of freedom. InuYasha’s group leaves to defeat Naraku, leaving Shippo behind. Miroku and Sango fall again, but are joined by Shippo. Severely poisoned, Miroku is near death, and Kikyo states that even her great abilities of purification cannot entirely heal him.

Sesshoumaru was ANGRY and afterwards he was sympathetic and compassionate to Kagura’s pain and the fact that she wasn’t able to be free. Sango arrives riding Kirara and throws her Hirakotsu, but it absorbs too much of the miasma and Sango, poisoned, falls through a hole that Naraku opens in his flesh. Naraku offers Kagome a miasma-coated arrow to save herself with, but she refuses. Naraku then tries to take Kohaku’s shard himself, but Sesshomaru attacks with his Bakusaiga, which causes Naraku’s body to explode. If this isn’t proof that he didn’t care for her, I don’t know what is. This is true whether you feel there was romance or not.

The Trap of Darkness” Transcription: Rin, finally gaining her consciousness, is chased by Magatsuhi.

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Views Read Edit View history. In fact, most times, he was rather dismissive of her. With the arrival of Myoga, InuYasha’s yokai-flea servent, Kagome learns the truth of InuYasha’s mother and meets his yokai half-brother in the flesh.

InuYasha Sesshomaru, having arrived too late to travel using Tekkei’s river of blood, is provided an alternate method of entering the Netherworld by Kagura.

Inuyasha episde the rest of his group arrive to confront Hakudoshi, while Kagura episdoe Kohaku off on one of her feathers. Naraku crushes Kanna’s heart, causing Kanna to shatter into several pieces of glass.

It purifies the Shikon Jewel, and Kikyo’s soul collectors moryomaaru the arrow at Naraku to try purifying him along with the Shikon Jewel. Sesshomaru is approached by the demon Shishinki, who attacks him using a complete Meido Zangetsuha, claiming that Sesshomaru’s father stole the technique from him. It is learned that Naraku’s true wish was Kikyo’s heart, a wish that the Shikon Jewel never granted.


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It is also considered the seventh season of Inuyasha. Although having taken much damage from the mirror demon and believing she is now free, Naraku orders her to walk towards the group and detonate herself.

Before Ve group departs, Sesshomaru’s mother warns Kohaku that even though his life has been unnaturally prolonged by his jewel shard, Tenseiga is still unable to save him from death.

There is still a speck of purity remaining in the Shikon Jewel, much to Naraku’s irritation. As they talk, she states that Kagome’s innate spiritual power was probably sealed by Magatsuhi, the evil will of the Shikon Jewel that did it out of fear of Kagome’s spiritual powers and abilities. As Inuyasha gets closer to the Shikon Jewel, he turns into a full-blooded demon and attacks Kagome.

After Dakki breaks and releases its power, Tessaiga gains Dakki’s ability to absorb demonic energy. This site uses cookies. As they find Naraku and Moryomark in a cloud of miasma, they see Sesshomaru enter Naraku’s body in search of Rin.

As far as expressing sadness at her death, he could have been pissed that a male killed her, or that he didn’t get to kill her himself.

But Moryomaru, who wants his Shikon shards, catches Koga. To Sesshomaru’s surprise, Shishinki attacks him using a complete Meido Zangetsuha and claims Sesshomaru’s father stole the technique from him.

The fight is halted when Naraku remotely orders Kohaku to kill Rin before vanishing, which forces Sesshomaru to leave and save the girl’s life.

Meanwhile, Byakuya tells Kanna to lure Inuyasha and his companions ssesshomaru and unleash her mirror. After snatching a jewel shard from Kagome HigurashiHakudoshi later realizes that Kagura has betrayed him, due to her being moved by Kohaku ‘s determination to destroy Naraku’s heart.

They discover a demon called the Flower Prince, who uses his magic to drain all sorrow and pain from the hearts of others, allowing them peace before making them part of the soil.


Naraku then tries to take Kohaku’s shard himself, but Sesshomaru attacks with his Bakusaiga, which causes Naraku’s body to explode. The fact that he never even thought about her after the death of Naraku etc says it all. Miroku’s Wind Tunnel epieode after Naraku’s soul has been purified from the material world, but a Meido suddenly opens behind Kagome created due to Byakuya striking her earlier and pulls her in along with the well.

Sesshomaru follows them into the void and defeats the hellhound to rescue them, but Kohaku later notices that Rin stops breathing.

Kagura is persuaded by Hakudoshi to release Goryomaru from imprisonment in exchange for her freedom from Naraku by collecting the remaining Shikon Jewel shards. When the group sesshkmaru at the pond, a mirror demon emerges from the mirror and steals all of Tessaiga’s powers, forcing Inuyasha and his friends to flee.

Miroku follows and she decides to die with him there. Retrieved January 3, Shit I do too.

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Inuyasha said that this was practice for returning her to a human village or whatever she chooses. Inuyasha attacks again, throwing her off a cliff. However, Kagome is at a loss since her family is away on a trip, the school is closed and her friends are unavailable. The series premiered on Yomiuri TV on October 3, where it ran for twenty-six episodes, concluding on March 29, However, Toshu then attempts to steal Tessaiga’s demonic energy, though this slowly begins to turn Toshu into a demon.

Byakuya reports back to Naraku, who ponders whether Tessaiga would defeat its opponent or destroy its owner. Yes, Sesshoumaru was protecting Kagura’s honor and her right to a pursuit of freedom. She and her friends graduate from middle school.

For Sesshomaru, that’s pretty expressive.

In that episode, Rin said that she felt that Sesshomaru and Kagura were in love.