The Simpsons S25E1 – Homerland. Bart, Lisa and their classmates fight for survival when they become stranded on a remote island. Bart causes a student riot by wearing a Mad magazine iron-on prompting Skinner to implement a school dress code. The Simpsons eat too much candy on Halloween and experience nightmarish tales of horror while they sleep. Lisa suffers a guilty conscience after she cheats on an exam. The Simpsons S14E15 – C. When Homer positively identifies Krusty the Clown as an armed robber, Bart attempts to clear his idol’s name.

The Simpsons S26E6 – Simpsorama. Homer obtains a helper monkey. The Simpsons S14E15 – C. Homer takes the law into his own hands after Springfield is victimized by a cat burglar. Burns, the last surviving members of a World War II army unit, vie for a priceless collection of rare art hidden in a secret location. The Simpsons S8E18 – Homer vs.

When Marge believes she may be pregnant, Homer recounts how Bart was born. Bart must apologize to the country of Australia after he tricks a boy from down under into accepting an expensive collect call. Homer believes he eimpsons save a fortune by raising his own lobster. Homer befriends a group of Hollywood celebrities vacationing in a remote part of town and promises to keep their whereabouts a secret.

The Simpsons S14E15 – C. Marge recounts to her children how she and Homer first met and fell in love. Burns commissions Marge to paint a portrait of him.

Burns into his new bowling league. Bart ingests a piece of jagged metal while eating Krusty-O cereal.

Lisa Goes to Washington. Burns after he cheats the elementary school out of a newly discovered oil well and threatens to block out the sun. Bart suffers enormous guilt after Skinner is fired from his job as school principal.

Homer decides to gamble on a “hunch” at the dog track when his annual Christmas bonus is canceled. Ned Flanders suffers a breakdown after his home is destroyed by a hurricane. Lisa is saddened by the death of blues great Bleeding Gums Murphy. When Homer and Bart transform a loser racehorse into a champion, rival jockeys threaten revenge.


Bart is believed to be a genius after he switches I. Homer is elected union leader at the power plant and tries to save the dental plan so he will not have to pay for Lisa’s new braces. An unscrupulous profiteer sells the people of Springfield on a defective monorail system, with Homer as the conductor. While Marge is out of town, Homer allows Subtitlles to work at a burlesque house. Homer changes his name when a dimwitted television show character named “Homer Simpson” becomes an overnight sensation.

Lisa develops a crush on bully Nelson Muntz. When Marge suspects that romance has gone out of her life, her subyitles recalls romantic encounters from their past. Marge initiates a protest movement against gratuitous violence on television when Maggie begins acting aggressively after viewing Itchy and Scratchy cartoons.

Moe undergoes plastic surgery and becomes a hot new soap opera star. Bart, Lisa and a group of celebrities help Krusty turn his career around after his subtites show is canceled. Ned Flanders opens a store for left-handed people and Homer is overjoyed when it performs poorly.

Bart adheres novelties to his face only to discover they cannot be removed. After Homer fakes his own death, his long-thought-deceased mother arrives in Springfield to pay her last respects.

Homer becomes the captain of a Navy submarine. Homer is fired from his job when a German firm buys the power plant from Mr.

The Simpsons S24E22 – Dangers on a Train – Watch for free | SoyaTV

Bart attempts to upstage Lisa when the pair co-host a children’s news program. Bart discovers a comet that is on a collision course with Springfield. Marge contemplates having an affair with a local womanizer after Homer selfishly buys her a bowling ball for her birthday. The Movie Homer forbids his son from seeing a new movie about his favorite cartoon heroes as punishment for misbehaving. But when he falls into the same well, Bart cannot get anyone to save him.


The Simpsons S6E16 – Bart vs.

Marge and Homer unwittingly leave their children in the care of a villainous babysitter when they attempt to rekindle their marriage. Homer takes on the mob when he acts as Mayor Quimby’s bodyguard. Lisa and the 8th Commandment.

During a Halloween party, the Simpsons tell three horrifying tales of the macabre. Bart finds new respect for the law and Lisa hangs out with the wrong crowd simpspns they both take career aptitude tests.

Homer wins the coveted role of town crier in an upcoming parade. Troy McClure hosts three spin-offs from “The Simpsons” television show.

“The Simpsons” Dangers on a Train subtitles English

Krusty shuns his old routines in favor of edgier material and suddenly becomes the hottest comic in show business. Homer is forced to borrow money from Patty and Selma after he wipes out the simpson savings by investing in pumpkins. Season 2 22 Episodes This season is available in 4: The Simpsons S14E3 smipsons Bart vs. Lisa Goes to Washington.

With Homer’s help, Mr. The Simpsons S12E5 – Homer vs. When Moe goes broke romancing his new love, he enlists Homer in a scheme to collect on an insurance policy.