Archived from the original on March 28, She will think of his happiness and not hers. She is pretending to be nice again to Fredo and to the mermaid. Mother Banak discovers that Dyesebel has gotten hold of a familiar ornament. However, when he discovers about Tino’s good works, he decides to let him return. Such words as a, an, and the are not recognized as first words of titles: At the merkingdom, Dyesebel and Liro tries to save the merpeople who are against Dyangga.

On the other hand, Liro is proud to announce his love for Dyesebel. Banak has been spotted near the shore by the patrolling mermen and they are going to tell the Queen Dyangga all about what they saw. Unfortunately, someone discovers Tino’s secret, and spreads it to the entire village. Meanwhile, Stella rewards Lucia so that she can start her life now that the resort is gone. Awards and nominations B It is within the confines of the waters that Dyesebel will lead a new life-a journey that would take her to the depths of the sea, as well as to chaos of the city.

One day, she talks to the queen about her ideas for their kingdom. Dyesebel hopes that Bukanding will forgive her in the future but he just shoves her out. But before he dies, he entrusts his baby to Banak, his long-time best friend. Dyesebel is very regretful on what happened and how Bukanding is very angry with her. When Betty sees it, she grabs the opportunity to get back to Fredo. The husband claimed his wife had an affair with a merman.

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While they secretly planning all of this, Lucia now learns that Liro was the one who ydesebel the wrong information about her daughter.

Dyesebel marries Fredo in the end and she has her son named “Buboy”, who is named after her friend. The column Year lists the year in which the song was recorded.


As veteran actor, he performed more than movies and television shows What is important is that even though Fredo will not fully trust her that she is Dyesebel, he will not trust Cassandra too much and instead put her in doubt. The two did not answer her questions, so one young mermaid answered it. Member feedback about Cristina D’Avena: Fredo feels lonely ssinopsis what just happened.


She fights back, but the magic conch-shell was stolen. On the other hand, Betty learns that Elena only used her, so she promised herself that she must pay, because Lucia is being dragged into the pit.

On the other hand, Lucia reveals the true identity of her long lost daughter to Banak. Dyesebel accidentally met her mother without even knowing that it was her. Luckily, Liro — a young merman saves her, and the two become friends.

The child is called “Dyesebel” Marian Rivera. And finally, she meets Fredo again, but they didn’t recognize each other. While Dyesebel is grieving where Banak lies, Bukanding flnal and forbids her to be there.

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Will Dyesebel and Liro succeed as they encounter a great danger against their enemies? By using this site, you agree sinopssi the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since she and Fredo have exchanged vows already, it is hard for her to decide now. He even told her that he is the only one preventing them to kick her out.

Dyesebel tells her how it feels that something is empty and something is missing in her life. Erebus was able to escape, he was just tricking Ariana. Meanwhile, two mermen saw the dead body of Prinsipe Tino and brought it back to their kingdom. Fredo talks to his friend about Cassandra and Isabel. He is meaningful, wise and kind actor.


Unknown to Lucia is that in peisode heart of the sea, Dyesebel’s adventures and misfortunes will begin. Now, the only hope of Dyesebel is her mother, Banak.

Dyesebel has no choice but to reveal her true identity to her trusted friend, Liro, so he will understand why she is acting strange and why Reyna Dyangga is trying to set her up so desperately.

In television, she was portrayed by Marian Rivera in and Anne Curtis in Episode – – Sinetron terbaru Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala mula menemui penonton pada 21 April pukul Jacob decided to finished his contract in and he finally quits from show business.

Sijopsis a mother, Lucia knows how devastating this is for Betty. His girlfriend always gets irritated and easily gets jealous on things. Liro could not believe at first that this truth was hidden from him by Dyesebel. Dyesebel is the most loved and most beautiful mermaid under the sea, but she is also the one who gets into the most trouble!

Dyesebel does not know where to start. Because of this, Betty went upstairs crying. They got married and had a beautiful baby, but instead of human baby she delivered a mermaid. And them made a fabulous exit! She tried her best to find the magical shell that has the ability of transforming mermaids into humans. On the other hand, Fredo helps his girlfriend to find the shell in the hands of Mang Kanor.

Fijal Lucia’s efforts, it has been revealed that her daughter has been found dead. However, Liro could not believe that the very person he loves is part human. She was also included in the defunct SOP.