Somebody get him some of that gak sugar cubes to crunch on. It feels uncharacteristic of Se-na to be conflicted. And now his past incarnation is stealing away the girl he was eyeing. I was really surprised to see him reappear in this episode. I think we need to be prepared for disappointment. Maybe it’s to imply that she might have feelings for Yi-Gak, but the sudden flip from cocky and manipulative to emotional conflict feels like it came out of nowhere. Yeah, but he gave her plenty of opportunities to retract her lie and she didn’t.

Pretty please, with some whipped cream and soju on top? So he was probably hurting during the ceremony. He wouldn’t even know what to look for on an airline ticket, seeing as he’s probably never even seen one before. Episode 4 by Regals. What if the Joseon duckies were friends in the present, found this guy floating while they were looking for buried treasure and rescued him. Too bad my region can’t access viki.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. The whole Tae Yong being alive sends my theory in the toilet.

Thank you for the recap! I would think if they went back to another time, they would just disappear but the people in the present time would remember them. I am a little surprised that he accepted such a small role.

So he gets on the phone to complain to her boss, which makes her meekly apologize to her superior.

I’m starting to think that I should stop guessing and just take it in as it comes but it’s so hard. I consider him a murderer at heart, because he thought he was committing murder when he left his friend out in the water. What a ridiculously dangerous system I thought it would be The real Tae-yong, llengkap Chicago.


SINOPSIS Rooftop Prince Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

And the thing about Yoochun’s car accident? I dont see any emotions from her toward LG no matter how much Ptince want it. Yi Gak takes out the plane ticket and confirms her story—that their respective envelopes had gotten mixed up. Also, I really liked the episode and how the writer manages to connect various events or objects together.

Sinopsis Drama Rooftop Prince (Tamat)

Prinxe could be right. I’m really surprised that Tae-mu didn’t go ahead and try to attempt to murder Taeyong again. It’d be like putting together two better four strangers!

Do you like it?

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Can not wait till tomorrow. But now YG has prnce himself and is slowly peeling off Sena’s true self!!! You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Park Yoochun is growing on me.

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Download the latest version here. I hope they’ll do better in ep 14 coz right now RTP’s in 3rd rating. She retorts eooftop he must be going senile to not recognize something he gave her.

They deduce that time is nearing for their big eoisode to be revealed. I was totally rude to the others in the restaurant, eating Thaipad Thai, tum yum gon.

So when he steps up to pick up their order, Se-na takes a peek at the file: To fall off a yacht in NY and have his body transported to the windy city, hmmm Thank you from the bottom of my pea picking heart. And what will Tae-mu do about it? Instead of the complicated stamp thing, he could have asked her “ugh, why did you have an envelope with a ticket for America with Park ha’s name on it”, much more direct!!!! When you read the prlnce noted above, he went straight to the Baeksang Awards on roofttop same day as the accident.


Either that, or he’s blind and did not see Tae-mu since his occipital lobe for vision was hit. By the way, “Korea to New York” on the ticket? I was really surprised to see him reappear in this episode. What if the Joseon duckies were friends in the present, found this guy floating while they were looking for buried treasure and rescued him. He asks for the truth about what happened to it, not buying her answer that she already told him what she knew about it.

She’s a liar and he’s a prince. And the couple didn’t have to go out to talk about omurice before parkha’s resolve to stop things. I agree – amnesia is beat. If he had lead to his friend dying without knowing or actively taking steps to cause death with the murder as a goal? Does this means if hwa young is indeed the one in the pond, tae mu will die instead? Tae-mu meets Se-na and hands over a plane ticket to New York… for Park-ha.

Cute moments between Yi Gak and PH are entertaining but isnopsis editing sort of turned me off a little bit. Her smile fades as she says wistfully that it would be nice for him to stay here: But does this mean that park ha will be with tae yong in the end? Episoce, you so smart, just like your character in SKKS! So for a Joseon person, he cannot understand what it said.