He totally redeemed himself. The last episode was really good: He is my second favorite character. I wonder how it will play the role of Fiza Ali in history. D Every character had a strong role, in my opinion. Ghada, I wanted to first of all thank you for inviting me to write the final review with you and most of all for introducing many of us to this drama.

It was certainly good. AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors. She gave her jewelry to help Ruth and what to do Rufi? Awww, I think Hayat bhai was great! He never did anything to Abida. The fact that this drama appealed to all kinds of audience was perfection in everything and also that this story was more about a male character and his perspective on what difficulties young men like Mustaqeem face.

For me it reminded me of old PTV dramas you could sit down and enjoy it with your entire family. It did feel kind of rushed.

She xrama her jewelry to help Ruth and what to do Rufi? P ; and how could we forget Rufi, i hope phoophoos slap put some sense into him finally: Hey he could give Ashar some lessons, agar yeh Ashar ki jaga hota to Farida aunty apnay paar na hila saktin: Thankyou Sarwat ji ajj app ko maan gayee hum loog.


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It had a completely different feel. I wonder how it will play the role of Fiza Ali in history. You are right Ghada, it appealed to all kind of audience and touched base on most demographics especially males episde could relate to frustrations faced by Mustaqeem. What is Operating System. The reason, well there are many but mainly because of his innocence and his character development which was brilliantly shown thanks to the writer and frama director: Mann Pyasa — Episode — 27 — October 31….

Everyone acted brilliant and yes I nearly had tears in my eyes when Mustaqeem gives his father a small hug with so much meaning before running off to meet Mejabheen.

The character development was amazingly portrayed for each character. I am so glad that Epusode Sultan will catch red-handed in the next episode in accordance with the preview. So, the time has come.


About US Submit a review. Who did you want to see more of? I was seriously so angry with Rufi when he kept sinking to such a low level. That point hit me as well. I can never stop writing good things about this project.


Ibtisam was another one of my favourites. I kind of feel angry Abida Rufi for giving so much importance.

But there was something I felt was missing. But I am glad he changed. Nevertheless, SeM was a brilliant play.

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Mustqaeem, I think Hayat bhai was great! I have always wanted this drama to get more attention because it certainly deserves it: Mustaqeem running to the same music that kick started off the story, down at the train station and looking at Mehjabeen, it tied the end to the beginning really nicely.

I will once again want to thank the whole Sirat-e-Mustaqeem team for bringing this outstanding serial to us. It must be so hard to live with the terrible and strange people around.

Sirat e Mustaqim Episode 12

Other characters should not be forgotten either. Subscribe to receive new post. Laaj Last Episode Review. They have done nothing wrong but their fate is decided sophisticated way for them.