Add – More Zankyou no Terror. Baccano – Made by the same people who made Durarara. This anime is super awesome! Plus, there’s two separate anime, so twice the story! This anime focuses on the story of Misaka Mikoto, one of the heroine in the main series, in her adventures in Academy City. Beck Mongolian Chop Squad – Yukio, known by his friends as “Koyuki”, is a regular year-old Japanese boy who enters junior high school with two childhood acquaintances. And sorry but anyone who likes Nisemono and drops Bakemono during ep 2 is missing some marbles.

Add – More Pokemon. This show was so fun. Hangyaku no Lelouch R2. The white rabbit drags in those who have been abandoned by their past life and gives them identity; those who resemble Alice are given her name and forced to play her role. I really like the original Fullmetal Alchemist series I watched the dub since I prefer not to be distracted by subtitles if possible, and the voice acting was good. What I mean is that the quality of shows rated with, for example, 8 varies greatly IMO. The plot is centered around the world in the future, where there was some form of war and there were multiple districts that had to be created, one of which called No.

Add – More Accel World.

Well, to be honnest, i’m kinda really oppened about animes, i’m above all curious. No, lemme be more specific. I started to watch Soul Eater Add – More Durarara!! Add – More Bleach. Monobears laugh is funny by the way. It revolves around a young orphaned boy named Yugo, who sets off on a journey to discover who he really is after his powers awaken during an attack on his village. But its still an amazing series reccomended for any Durarara!!!


November 4th, 7: Thanks for your comments! Loved it and still do, though not as much as Ideon. Though not all of them involve murder. The other tutor was envious of Sai, and challenged him to a go match — whoever aanimefreak gets to stay as the court’s go master.

Add – More Nanatsu no Taizai.

People kill and people get killed. There have been too many Battle royales the past year maybe more. Trigun – Nice mix of comedy, action, western and adventure. When it comes to fantasy, I prefer it to be based on fighting or story more than animrfreak, so I’m not interested in harem-based fantasy animes.

I still like the dub better.

Are they make any more live action movies based on Dragon Ball? Seriously, never before have I witnessed character development and fighting mesh so well together. There was no need for this thing to be 24 episodes long. Oh, and the personification of these contracts just happen to be demonic lolis. Its sadly only around 30 episodes long with a not so great ending but its awsome. KamiNomi – The new season is really good His targets getting their memories back is a really cool twist. Fairy Tail – Sure boobs and ass are focus in this series, I just don’t think it as bad as other shows out there.


I’m basically looking for an anime that has magic and possibly fightingbut one that isn’t magical girl.

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Ahiru turns into Princess Tutu and dances with the souls of his “heart pieces” which each hold another emotion, eventually returning them to Mute. Mirai Nikki – I just want to highlight how much I agree with your opinion on this series.

I also recommend Kaichou Wa Maid Sama for the romance and comedy lovers! Satsujin Jiken Punchline Koe no Katachi movie: Not really what one might call slice of life.

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Well I kind of like it, I find it really easy as I have been doing fine art for my whole life. Add – More Black Bullet. Anime Freak Watch anime online in high quanlity.

I don’t understand your request. The creator really loves DBZ alot,cause it’s seen in this series early.

By looking into the glass she seemed to be trapped into, he could see bits and pieces of her life. If i look closely, he looks like tai hi somehow Add – More Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. But there is the manga too, which is skeh, so at least i can read it.

However I feel like 9 is a bit high.