It’s a long trip, but it’s like, ‘Been there, done that. Livingston l alally attractive Seska torments her captive ex- lover Chakotay. I miss the people. I miss the crew. So it’s quite a different character. And just lo make mat- ters worse. J “Remember” T: Dark Angel is the latest Cameron project to center on a strong female protagonist.

I Laurence I Fishburne. Cameron might just follow in the master’s footsteps. It would be an excellent tribute. But that’s all really. Both, in fact, conferred about the film before signing on. The Voyage to Dharmok’s Gate. Sometimes I don’t do something two years because I don’t find something I like.

J “Eye of the Needle” T: I’ve enjoyed half of the eight unaired shows for different reasons. We want complexity in all of our characters. Stark’s search takes him through ultraviolent Neighborhoods, Neighborhoods where noise is forbidden, color-coordinated Neighborhoods and those inhabited solely by cats.

There’s no other show like it. I am really on my own. Rani must answer that question and others after losing family and guild in one horrifying moment.

It’s like finding a World War n soldier still living in the jungle some- where in the South Pacific. Members of Voyager are traumatized by a remembered battle— but did they fight it? I had to weigh it all out.


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It’s an interplanetary Wacky Races with speedy starships compet- ing. We’re working in some Matrix- type fight sequences. I Bruce Campbell. Denise Crosby Jack Larson. I’m fortunate to be doing Buffy, because it is truly universal.

Since Ian Spelling has written a lot about Ander- son, he should do an authorized biography on her, with lots of photos. Dart’s advenmres will introduce him to: Will anyone ever remember this Voyager’s existence? Wells sorno The Time Machine What does he have left? J “Message in a Bottle” T: I’ve been told that Fm the only actor “I’m the Albert Einstein of my generation. J “Retrospect” T: I thought I was going to get to kick some bull.

It will instead air Tuesdays, 8: Bole Tuvok mind-melds with murderous Suder.

In the very last scene of the hour, “Full Circle. J ” ;ood Shepherd” T: It has a look fuull feel of a different time and worid.

Paul Robert Coyle D: Conway 0 [ r iscculcs a suicidal Q with Janeway as judge. Suddenly, audiences also started thinking. Creature from Black Lagoon. You know, reading yoor mind.

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I like the challenge of that discipline. He’s a very athletic guy, one of those out- doorsy kind of guys. Martin’s Press, and that’s a w hole new ball game. There are factions, bad tribes, you name it.


It’s almost easy to overlook, though, since this game has so many pos- full aspects — a rarity in video game RPGs, which either offer you all flash and little substance, or burden you with so much substance it’s not worth waiting for the antichmactic flash. It’s fun to do smff like that — where it literally comes out of the writing — and see w here it takes you. The show is executive-pro- duced by his widow, Majel Barrett Rodden- berry.

There’s always the next thing, some other ship’s going to come down the pike. Conway A Bothan mentally attacks the ship. Cliir Bole While the female Caretaker plots revenge, Kes tests her mental ahilities. Is Kashyk falling for Janeway?

I don’t want to say I know what it’s like.