I will pass on your request though for consideration. The minefield gets a little testy at times but that’s going to happen in that kind of forum. I know I depend on first hand range reviews as a tool for deciding on a purchase, so that info was very useful. All I got was support. I’m not sure about that. Looks like a plastic MSH. Find all posts by Dave Berryhill. Doubtful they would replace that if you ask me

Kicking off its new consumer driven lineup, Revision Outdoor brings three sunglasses to civilians wanting a cooler vibe in the Notice too, as I mentioned in another thread, and as is pointed out in the Gunblast review, the plunger tube is cast into the frame. That finsih is amazing. The trigger pull on mine is fine but the side to side play bothers me. Phil Browning is mainly an importer of JMB-designed weapons and is a subsidiary of FN; they manufacturer very few of the firearms they market. More than rounds and no hic cup so far.

JMD, You would have to know Larry to get the full meaning behind that statement. Some have said it’s kind of comparing the is like pine and plywood Nothing frae you like old fat chicks. Powder residue almost falls off by itself. Do you think most companies that use cast frames actually produce their own products? Find all posts by Glockdude1.

I know I depend on first hand range reviews as a tool for deciding on a purchase, so that info sr911 very useful. Trame can’t recall ever hearing of a failure of one of their frames or actions due to the casting process. And yes the slide requires extra OOmph, to operate, but that can be changed if you want. Originally Posted by HSMaxim. One Blazer round had a dent on dr1911 top edge of the case which kept it from feeding.


John Brownings greatest pistol creation is years old this year. That’s just how it is. The time now is All I got was support. The solution Ruger decided on was to use a lightweight Titanium firing pin with a heavy firing pin spring preventing inertial movement if the pistol should be dropped on the muzzle.

Originally Posted by meanc. Tokarev – if you get a chance, can you take a close up of the frame’s feed ramp? We shot them anyway and they turned out to be the most accurate, go figure!

The time now is Eisenhower June 6, Page 2 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: All times are GMT Just like every other review, the first three paragraphs had to explain why you should have one. July 7th, If you’re looking to buy, I’d say go for it. It adds a lot of width to the slide as well as making the pistol fit snuggly in the holster of choice allowing the thumb safety to accidently move into the firing position.


Ruger’s First , the SR –

For example, when a blacksmith forges a high end sword, it is heated and beaten framr shape with the use of hammers and anvil for forming an incredibly strong blade. This product review was made possible by GunsForSale. Those serrations not only ruin the look of the pistol, no one should ever place their hand that far forward when chambering a round — it is simply not safe. I’m not knocking the serviceability of todays gun but, billets and forgings are money as is good hand machining over CNC.

Which may not be that far. It is their preference.

The 1911 forged vs cast debate

Can anyone give me a quick run down over the pro’s and con’s of either? The hollowpoints were from Hornady and some old Black Talons I tried to talk him out of shooting since they are so rare these days. Fri Jan 27, 7: I’m confident st1911 if it ever breaks Ruger will will do the right thing.

I’m not sure about that.