The book is Bowler and Morus: I say, that the series cannot say everything on the subject. I completely agree with you assessment that the show should have paid a bit more attention to some historical facts rather than sneaking in a few generalizations. McDonald over at patheos, who are twisting all of this into yet another attack on religion. By the way — this Cosmos stink may stink, but the first one was no rose either. Positioning Bruno as some sort of martyr for science is patently absurd.

I see The Tree of Knowledge or Life depending on your orientation growing up in all things. Something subtly missing at the end of the first episode. In other words, it seems best to widen the lens to consider the whole of the situation, whereas you contract the scope of your vision to the point where you just might be right i. Please read the textbook and come to lecture. Thank you for inspiring me to do it. Just look at the line on Newton as it was also presented in the program.

Not for being a scientist.

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We would all do well to implement that in our daily lives and not differentiate between sound science and say spirituality because it is possible to join the two on an individual basis. To any writer of Cosmos, I recommend that you at least read the standard college textbook on the history of science. In addition, even as he timidly suggested that the earth might revolved around the sun, he preserved the idea of celestial spheres—the notion that the planets swirled around us in some sort of crystalline layers.

In fact, you might say I was stunned. He, of course, defends his choice. Netflix is wating for you, mate! Know then that the world exists for you: That can be pretty tough stuff to manage since, well, I suppose we can be pretty dumb at times.


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Galileo proposed the reinterpretation of passages of scripture, against the tradition of the Church, without having provided the necessary proof. I admit to being obsessed by this curious discussion about this, the remake of my favorite TV show of all time, Cosmos About a couple who instantly go on a amazing journey.

Making such a mountain out of such a small mole hill seems to show your dreaks insecurity. And that was a big step backward.


Good, now I question if there was a creator and him creating the universal and all life in a literal interpretation of the bible, do you disagree? Cosmos certainly episods a pitch,as if they are being pushed by creationists or biblical folk like Putin was pushed by the E.

Here are the two main areas where I think the Cosmos episode went awry, and why it really matters. Some of them are accidental, in the sense that his was a guess about the stars, and his dream drawing just happens to be awesome wpisode television, and that quote mining does reveal some convenient lines of his.

Please read the textbook and come to lecture. It twisted the facts into a pretzel. Meanwhile, do I embrace present-mindedness?

You seem not to like it because it shows the Church in a bad light. Epusode over at patheos, who are twisting all of this into yet another attack on religion. I also understand that you are coming at this dreamd if not purely from an academic point of view.

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Although, that message epusode not completely original either. I mean, for starters, geez, where are his peer-reviewed articles in 21st century academic journals? I beg to differ. Civil authorities are blamed for most all of the atrocities and the Roman Church has been falsely accused.


I do wish they had been more accurate in the history of the Bruno segment, but I thought the overall message was quite good.

Even against the King of France who had previously befriended him! I ask that you please believe I arrive at this suspicion not from malice. Galileo himself got into trouble with his book for depicting the character representing the Pope or his position? Register now for FREE. Astrum did not refer exclusively to what we call today a star, but referred to any heavenly body.

Ignoring the producers obvious slant with half arguments makes me think you are eager to see the false divide between religion and science widen. He even mocked his friend, the very Pope who eventually condemned him. This is how all bullies and abusers react when you threaten to expose their malfeasance. Heck, we might even want to embrace the spirit of scientific inquiry and check things out. See comment above to Golden Ratio Phi.

This dogma, which is widely believed, and which the person hosting the program advances in many youtube videos, is well known by science historians to be bunk. Some sreams the church considers heresy might or might not be the truth.

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