He taunts her for going to her old lover. He says you did this, and its all in newspaper, I read it, I m hurt seeing all this, you left me and my house for this. Omkara and Rudra get angry on Tia for misbehaving with Anika. She stops him and Bhaiya ji pushes her away. Shanti – Ek Aurat Ki Kahani. All of this boils down to the fac Swara gets a call, but Swara did her work by siding all the tensions. Jaggi has taken care of her.

Randhawa asks her to confirm it. Ramesh comes and asks Suhani to have, as Dadi is coming. CID officers start their investigation to find Akshay. A blind priest Jaidev and his assistant Moulik are the main suspects. Shivay asks Tia not to say a word more against Anika. She gets a gun in the function. Anika lies and makes a story.

Suhani asks what was the need. Rags says it means you did not like it. Rudra gets too drunk and loses his senses.

4th August – Suhani Si Ek Ladki Episode 49 Dailymotion Video ~ InzDrama

He is trying his best to impress Dadi. Poonam comforts Prarthana, and encourages her to call Manish and yell at him. The show will be two love stories and romance tracks. Shivangi gets shot by the sharp shooter.


Berikut adalah daftar serial televisi India terpanjang di India. Kusum catches the men and shows justice by asking Mohini to beat the men. Bahasa lain Tambah interwiki. He aims gun at Chakor and tells her that this time he will not let win. He will make her realize that he is her true love.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki -5 September 2016 Part1

Komal is happy ladoi the bride. His family celebrates the good news. She turns huge into a devil. Epispde Padmini prepares to sacrifice her life for Chittor, all women of Chittor join in to support her. Siya Ke Ram — Visit hotstar. Everyone blesses the couple. She makes hair plaits and looks like cute. Lihat Ketentuan Penggunaan untuk lebih jelasnya.

He asks what are you doing. He warns her that she will get defamed as this case is high-profile. Omkara wonders when did Gayatri did bail. Shivanya comes there and cries seeing Shivangi. Raja is unhappy and sinking in guilt.

Mishti comes and breaks their romance. Romi and Mihika got Aaliya home. Their nok jhok starts and Tanu gets jealous seeing them. Pragya says I know and asks him to come with her. She stumbles while ke him aarti, and he holds her.

Yuvraaj takes the receipts. Shivay goes to meet Gayatri at some lonely place. She asks the medical shop owner to show footage when Shivay came to meet her at night.


Episoce lies that Shivay came at night and left in morning. Suhani says Soumya made it, thank her.

Aditya, a Thief!

She gets out of the room. He taunts her for going to her old lover. She stops him and Bhaiya ji pushes her away. Chandragupt and warrior princess Nandni have a sword fight.

Ruhi has become chef for the family. Bihaan is lighting Diwali diyas.

Yuvraaj says its fine, Suhani read it and I m signing on it. He says fine, tell me.

All Time Live Show: Kumkum Bhagya – Episode – February 29, – Full Episode

Aparajita gets angry and turns into Brahmarakshas. He says I m sure you will ask many questions now. Dadi asks Suhani to send all the items to her room.

Abhi laughs seeing her. All the bitter moments Vibha has experienced with Rohini flashes in front of her eyes. Rajmata tells them that she wants to send Raja and Rani on honeymoon.