The rebel army sends the ALV into the village to wipe it out and the only hope lies in Airwolf to destroy the tank first. Caitlin O’Shannessy credit only Ernest Borgnine Hawke discovers that their interest lies in the fact that Kruger is also a weapons dealer in possession of an advanced artillery system known as “Thor”. John was suddenly found, creating contradictions to the character’s already-varied history. Hawke also learns that Kincaid is a drug trafficker, currently looking for a reputable pilot to smuggle shipments for him. Hawke and Santini mount a rescue in Airwolf and have to recover the star before her big concert appearance. A woman named Sarah LeBow seeks out Hawke and Santini to help avenge the death of her father, who was murdered by a former Nazi named Kruger. He was captured and was being held as a bargaining chip for the plane.

During the combat, Hawke’s feelings get in his way, and he must fight his emotions if he wants to survive. Hawke soon learns that a Soviet bounty-hunter Albert Paulsen is hot on the duo’s trail with orders to eliminate them. For season four, CBS wanted to make the show into a more family-friendly, action-oriented program. Archangel fails to meet Hawke and Santini at a secret rendezvous point, and the F. Catherine, a dormant volcano that is showing signs of “waking up”. The mastermind behind the robbery is a former associate of Caitlin who she gave piloting lessons to. The second season premiered on September 22, , and ran for 22 episodes until April 13,

Supercopter – Saison 2 – Episode 8

Big Cec hopes things will go better for his son now that he was given a promising job at the oil company, but trouble really begins when it is revealed that Lil’ Cec job has been smuggling drugs out of Mexico for the company’s shady owners. Airwolf is supporting a group of military helicopters who are returning a kidnapped U.

Moffet, has a personal vendetta against Hawke and szison up the robbery to get him out of the way. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hawke takes the assignment to find Phelps, obtaining leads form 114, whose autism gives him the ability to draw detailed clues from memory.

Eventually they secure the helicopter and Hawke fulfills his part of the deal, but The F. The crew must get it back before the second agent before he can escape the country. John negotiates to do the job only if they release his companions. She does go, unknowingly walking into a trap. Hawke, McBride and his friend Glen Carson search for him, finding the boy being harassed by street thugs.


The thief, Karl Stern, is expected to sell the laser on the black market to an East German buyer, but when his partner, Slade, realizes he is being shafted on his cut of the sale money, he threatens to go to the F.

The papers contain the locations of Soviet missile installations and are brought to a Stockholm peace conference as evidence that the Soviets are violating treaty stipulations. Hawke frees Mike before he talks.

Secretly, Kevin plans to hunt down the killers and bring them to justice. An Afghan rebel wants military weapons and Jo Santini. Bellisario left both the studio and the series after Season 2. Her contact fails to show so she goes supercolter for him and finds him shot.

“Airwolf” Inn at the End of the Road (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The baby was played by twins Max and John Kenworthy. Robert Winchester David Carradine who worked with Dr. Audible Download Audio Books. Hawke goes to get a layout of the prison and poses as Terry’s uncle to get close to him.

Disobeying Company orders to not get involved, St. The millionaire is desperate to make a business meeting in L. The tape reveals evidence that Hawke’s lost brother St. The boy seems afraid of being returned to his abusive grandfather, but Jo and Rivers bring him back to the camp and decide to help make sure nothing happens to the boy.

The situation intensifies when Locke and a Russian commander who were on the train to supervise the disposal, are captured and held as hostages.

Kowalski abandoned the project a year after series creator Bellisario had decided to leave as well. Airwolf follows Stringfellow Hawkea pilot who has to retrieve the helicopter named Airwolf from the hands of its creator Dr.

Santini is hired by a movie producer to fly as a helicopter stunt pilot for a gold heist scene. Views Read Edit View history. The story continues as the Airwolf crew are being held as spies and “The Lady” is in the hands of the enemy. Hawke eppisode discovers the real danger is not the volcano, but a rival community leader Mills Watson with murderous plans to eliminate the town mayor and make it swison like an accident. Edit Did You Know?


The original series was canceled due to declining ratings ; the zupercopter fourth season was not renewed due to poor viewing figures as well as being generally poorly received. Use the HTML below. When Kate shows Locke her workplace, he is captured and an implant is used to gain control of him. An old Vietnam War buddy invites Hawke to join his mercenary squad, but Hawke turns down the offer.

The X’s main test pilot, Roane Carver, knows the plane has potentially deadly flaws and interferes with the final sale knowing her company is selling a dangerous lemon and steals the schematics. Involved in the test is an attractive assistant who unbeknown to all is really an undercover KGB agent with orders to steal the schematics for Airwolf so the Russians can build their own.

Now he must uncover the madman behind its creation and avert his deadly attack. Hawke discovers that their interest lies in the fact that Kruger is also a weapons dealer in possession of an advanced artillery system known as “Thor”. Hawke and Mike supercpter out via television that a madman Dick Van Dyke wants supercopetr diseased people quarantined so they can no longer contaminate the world. Hawke and Santini spisode ordered to pick up Slade at a wild west rodeo, but Slade is killed in a mysterious accident.

The coffin operation turns out to be a cover for Carson’s cocaine smuggling business.

In Laos, Mike tries to capture one of the world’s largest opium suppliers. Stern refuses to give in so Slade carries out his threat and makes the call. The incident becomes personal once Hawke and Santini learn that Caitlin was on the flight and mount a search and rescue operation to find the downed plane. John learns that if the virus were released it could kill millions of people.