I think those pictures that are the clearest on my cam are those when they are not dancing! I haven’t done my assignments for my Korean class tonite – so see you next time. Open Concert Episode 3 years ago. Our little couple is growing up. I’ll post them when i got time, maybe tomorrow after work? Our thoughts may sometimes differ but what matters is that there’s acceptance,encouragement, being open and willingness to listen towards one another.

So why is Key here today? So how does she like the new flavor? I know my post is kind of random but I really don’t have much too say since others’ posts have mostly sum up all my thoughts on the latest episode. Did he purposely wear a sleeveless shirt to show off those muscles to the young wife? Omniscient Interfering View Episode 25 4 months ago. Prev Next Page of

Convinced, Nam Joo tries it for herself and is instantly overwhelmed by the flavor. Top Star Yoo BaekVariety: This boy is so focused on what he is doing – singing and dancing – and when performing, he don’t seem to see anybody in front of him. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Naein Bar Episode 96 4 months ago.

We Got Married- Taemin and Naeun Couple | wfauzyahazzahra

In this case, protect them from flying off the disc to certain pain and embarrassment. The more you stall, the more problem you encounter. Epsiode me, if my 1184 had created a lil stir. Happy Together Episde will air on 23h0 Thursday, Feb 28, By triplem Started October 5, Kshow will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark us for update.


Taemin then decides to test his little fart balloon. Sign In Sign Up. Both seem to be athletic too. We’ll have another week to do some sleuthing haha Last, but not least praying saturday come faster, wanting to burn down MBC’s building if Taeun’s part were short or MBC cut them on the best episoed, hoping MBC will leak unseen cut of Taeun, and knowing good footage for future episode.

Another thing is that this thread has more text than pictures, I love how members always focus on sharing their point of view, observations or insights rather than just pointless image-heavy stuffs.

Once again,kshow did a good job for subbing the captions.

Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, Now it is time for Taemin to share out those unique gifts he got during his stay in Japan. Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Mar 02, He tells her he is really thankful, pulls her up and gives her a nice tight hug.

Eventually Key walks up to the table to take their order and cue Music Video. I really like how our thread maintains the positive vibes. Eun Ji arrives and Key hurriedly takes his position. Na Eun begins to sing.

WGM TaEun Couple Episode 20

Na Eun then disappears from the view of the camera. Open Concert Episode 3 years ago. Key talks about how he is a big fan of her, how he has watched all her dramas and even paid to buy her character in a game. First on that list is those weird flavored toothpaste.

Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. But taemin look so sad most of the time.


TaEun is beyond compare – no one has ever come to WGM before like them. Unfortunately, to the frustration of Key, Taemin takes this time to get some revenge and keeps asking Eun Ji questions that are unrelated to Key.

Kang Sora on LeeTeuk’s birthday – I know we won’t be able to celebrate together for his birthday as he will be celebrating with parents, members, etc. Go To Topic Listing shippers’ paradise. The young little couple head off to a nearby cafe and suddenly Taemin does a Episoode u guys get any info ab Shinee will atend this also? She reveals in her post interview that she wanted to serenade Taemin as a birthday gift.

Moms Diary Episode 2 hrs ago. Plus, you guys have always been so understanding and supportive of Taeun, I know that’s obvious since the thread is all about showing the love for our couple but seriously, there hasn’t been a single moment of doubt shown but mostly people here are worried about Taeun like they’re family.

I want to say Thank you to all the people who have been making huge contributions, esp. But where are you staring, Taemin?

WGM TaEun Couple Episode 37

Kids Are Lifes Blessing Episode 3 years ago. Sorry for asking these questions since I’m very new fan of both group.

D was singing it.