But just saying a first episode never has all the answers. Otherwise it was nice to see everyone mingling. I absolutely loved this first scene, it was touching and sweet. I am still on the fence, though. How was it meeting Marina? Zain really needs to act like a grown up and sort things out with Zeenia. Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Back to homepage. She actually expects him to be interested in other women.

This is omething I will probably catch up with over the week and only because you gave it a good review SZ. The relationship that she was missing with her mother and the relationship Saaniya was missing with her sister seem to be coming into play perfectly in the relationship between Zeenia and Saaniya. At no time during this scene I felt that I was watching people act on screen. The episode ends with Zain leaving for NY and Zeenia catching him leave. This latest episode opened with Kabacha attaining the impossible; making Faraan uncle smile and restoring his faith in the people around him. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Even in the later scene where he and AY are supposed to be fighting epiode US and Pak, where are the emotions? I loved how much revkew Qazi Wajid got in this episode and how happy he was. Like you, I wondered as well why Sania looked so happy too — but since this was the first episode, i liked that it left us with so many open-ended questions. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 1 Review

I liked these unexpected twists. First thing is first, someone please tell me what is in the box? From such powerful performances we move down to the scene between Zeenia and Serena.

How was it meeting Marina? This may take a second or two. She also gets Zeenia to wear revjew traditional clothes. Um I thought the entire charade was over and all the people who wronged Faraan Uncle were now under arrest, so why the get up again? I lived in England and my Urdu was not perfect, but my aunts forced me to watch a Video remember those ,it may even have been at a nayr date than when the serial was originally aired but I did not like it.


The script has been brilliantly written and the acting and direction is just as good.

Fortunately there are only 4 more episodes and all these questions are all about to be answered Ttanhaiyan. Looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds! Notify me of new posts via email.

And now to the engagement…Gul Jan and Zarak are supposed to be from Swat, Faraan Uncle has been in living in Pakistan all his life, and Zain has been in NY for the last 15 years or so…so then why is Zain the only one wearing a Shalwar Kameez in that engagement?

There is a reason for why Qazi Wajid and Badar Khaleel are institutes in their collective fields. Loved naey references to the past and omg it was so great to watch bobo she was fab and still is amazing! Truly childhood traumas are hard to let go off! Episode 4 — A Must Watch admin November 10, LOL the Dhoop Kinarey haircut — that would be traumatic! He was such a gentleman. Desperately waiting for next episode.

It is a simple and honest story that helps me unwind eisode a Saturday night. But just saying a first episode never has all the answers. Farhan uncle has become real cranky,what really happened to the poor soul. Even later when they were taking a stroll in the lawn it seemed real.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Episode 9 – Extremely Engaging & Funny |

Marina was looking really nice for a change with dyed hair and i guess it will have a strong story line. Why are Zarak and Faraan Uncle wearing western clothes to a traditional engagement? She actually expects him to be interested in other women.

That was something i was not expecting and not sure wanted to see but loved the over all light humor touch of the play.


And yes, Tanhaiyan was definitely awesome. Please give me a break! I am still on the fence, though.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 9 – video dailymotion

I need this mystery resolved and I need this resolved yesterday please!! I do wish to finish it off soon because I totally loved the drama. Nice to see Marina Khan and looking forwad to syra and alishba playing their parts.

She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them to detail. Hey sz loved the episode too it has that islsilay moin touch…. Later on when Bibi jaan says that she will not leave without getting the two engaged, Zain looks at all the elders in the room before saying yes. But if that is the case than why is Zain hiding them from Serena and Zeenia? This may take a second or two. Alishba was at least better than SM.

I just love her!! As an advisor at the Youth Center she is the personification of what a ideal counselor should be, but at home she is the madcap we love and adore. Please leave good enough alone!! It seems like Zeenia just likes to create issues some times.

Even in the scene where he is having coffee with Zain and talking about his family, it was like he was at a job interview. Clearly I have more questions than Saaniya! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Like I said, this was my favorite part of this episode. For all the die heart tanhiyan fans there had to be some questions popping up.

I am still undecided. The wait for Zara was awesomely scripted too.