But is it too much to handle? So I was hoping that the second time around they would correct these issues. I was severely disappointed in the first Expendable film, the mediocre action, the use of CGI blood and the unimpressive villain ruined the experience. Katniss Everdeen – the girl on fire! The Expendables 2 p 5. The guys banter, crack jokes, shoot and cause things to blow up, the bad guys are hissable, murderous wretches to a man and are blown up.

It seems this character’s sole purpose was to have these characters get their revenge on, which makes it less engaging for the viewer. Now it’s really easy to work with your own files. One good thing about this movie is that they did get the character of Jean-Claude Van Damme right. Everybody is clearly having a blast, so in translation, so do you, of particular note, Jean Claude Van Damme provides a standout performance as sneery and arrogant Jean Villain. There’s very little point in going into a great deal of explanation of what makes this so worth a trip down to your local cinema. LiNE-Blackjesus 3 years ago 1 Based on ETRG’s eng subs, removed foreign parts since hardsubbed in the release.

So, Peeta, tell me, is there a special girl back home?


Subtitles for Subtitles for. Exactly what I wanted from the first film – The Avengers of action movies.

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Jednoducho klikni na link, pravo dole kliknes na prevziat, opises kod a stahujes: The story pretty much straight forward, better than the first, but nothing special, some dialogue was hard to hear, and sly does try to be serious in some scenes which got a laugh and I don’t think its how it was intended but its not that much of a big deal really as there are funny moments in the tje, more so than the first film.

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Credits to Team Irene. Sync and found errors corrected Thanks to iamdepressed I saw The Expendables II this morning at a pre screening. The Expendables 2 p BluRay x anarchy The Expendables 2 p BluRay x He understands what is needed and delivers some wild action sequences. The film is full of one liners you would expect from an action film.

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Language Set favourite s Login. While on a mission one of the “Expendables” gets himself killed, this leads the crew to go on a zvid of revenge.

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But is it too much to handle? The Expendables 2 – p Bluray.


He deserved more screen time, so did his right hand man, Scott Adkins. Hash – derived The. Has no further comments.

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Get as many of these big guys into one film, make it a guys brril with lots of action and killing and they succeeded.

ActionAdventureThriller Countries: This is a The. It’s not afraid to wink at the camera, specifically when Chuck Norris enters the screen and steals the show with the funniest line in the entire film.

The Expendables 2 OCR. D-Z0N3 3 years ago 1 Sly, you did it again, you are without a shadow of doubt “the man”.

Of course you did. Firstly, it’s really action packed. One good thing about this movie is that they did get the character of Jean-Claude Van Damme right.

The Dark Knight Rises TS The Expendables 2 The Expendables 2 Kalo berkenan di rate juga boleh. The Expendables 2 R5.